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Bombardier Q400 Nextgen in Eurolot

Eurolot SA General Meeting of Shareholders has approved a choice of the new fleet made previously by Eurolot SA Management and Supervisory Boards. Eurolot is intending to successively exchange its aircraft onto Canadian Bombardier Q400 NextGen in the first half of 2012.

The first new aircraft shall show up on Eurolot routes as early as in May this year. Within summer season Eurolot will get 8 aircraft Bombardier Q400 NextGen. The airline has also the additional option on purchase of another 6 aircraft of this type.

We are intending to develop our airline, extend the net of regional routes and fly new and modern aircraft – said Mariusz Dąbrowski, the President of Eurolot SA Management Board. The chosen aircraft has excellent operational flexibility, which is essential in an increasingly-competitive market. Bombardier Q400 gives us a chance of development and an  opportunity of significant improvement of our offer as well as comfort of travelling.

The Polish air carrier will fly the new aircraft on its own net of connections as well as on destinations operated for LOT Polish Airlines, the most important partner of Eurolot.

I am sure that Passengers will quickly appreciate our choice – travelling with us will become much more comfortable – Mariusz Dąbrowski adds. 

Q400 aircraft is marked by excellent performance – high climbing speed and high cruising speed (approx. 670 km/h), which makes flight time of regional connections comparable to flights operated by jet aircraft. Furthermore it consumes 30-40 % less of fuel and produces 30-40% less of fumes and toxic compounds then jets (on similar-length routes).

Noise strength emitted by Q400 NextGen is approx. 15 decibels lower than required by stringent ICAO regulations, thanks to which the aircraft is considered as very friendly in operations to airports located in urban areas. The bio-fuel driven Q400 is going to be brought to operation this year.

The newest passenger variant of  Q400NextGen (New Generation), which officially has been offered since 2008, is especially distinguished by the new cabin design and more comfortable armchairs. The aircraft has also bigger hand luggage bins and sight-friendly lightening – the former classic light bulb have been replaced by LED diodes giving out brighter light. The passenger cabin has been also soundproofed and adjusted to carry even 80 passengers. EuroLOT's aircraft will be configured with 78 seats.

The aircraft maintenance program has been lately modified which allowed to decrease operational costs and reduce fuel consumption. The aircraft lifetime was determined onto the level of 67000 hours or 80000 cycles of take-offs/landings and optionally, aircraft avionics was adjusted to CAT IIIA approaches.

Q400 and Q400 NextGen aircraft are operated by more than 40 users all over the world. Up to now, over 167 million of passengers have travelled on board the aircraft. In total, the fleet of all Q400 achieved over 3 million hours in the air and 3,3 million take-offs and landings.

The new aircraft in Eurolot painting.

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